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Cardiovascular/ Metabolic


Disease Area

Symptoms/ Indication

Animal model behaviours include:

Ask for information on:

Diabetes Mellitus (Type II) Increase drinking & eating Obesity Drinking, eating LABORAS: Tracking, Advanced behavior detection
Heart failure* Pain, convulsions Convulsions, Seizures, Physiology LABORAS: Tracking, Advanced & Special seizure behavior detection, Integration Telemetry
Obesity Weight increase Exploratory, Eating, drinking LABORAS: Tracking, Advanced behavior detection, Energy Expediture
Pedriatic Crohn’s
Abdominal cramps and pain,Loss of appetite
Weight loss
Eating, drinking, locomotory & exploratory , Ultrasound Vocalization
LABORAS:Tracking, Advanced behavior detection
SONOTRACK: USV Pain/distress calls
Ileus Constipation, nausea/ vomiting Eating, drinking, Ultrasound Vocalization
LABORAS: Tracking, Advanced & Special behavior detection


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