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All our products are designed based on a throrough analysis of the customer needs. This applies for the functionality, the user interface, the performance and required quality of our products. Before leaving our factory the products are extensively tested. As part of the purchase, our flagship product LABORAS is always installed at any location worldwide by an experienced service engineer of Metris or a service representative of one of our distributors.

Nevertheless, installation is only the beginning of the lifecycle of our product at your facility. We would like you to benefit in the best possible way from our products, by providing products that not only provide useful functionality, but are also reliable, available and maintainable. To make this possible we provide several support services to our customers.


Frequently asked questions (Q & A)


If you experience a problem, please visit the section Q & A on this website. We maintain a list of frequently asked questions for our products that is based on experience with existing customers and the knowledge that we acquired over the years.




Some difficulties are not so easy to solve. In such situation every customer of our products can use our helpdesk to ask assistance. Our helpdesk can be reached by phone, fax, email or by filling in the support request form on our website. We do our best to answer your support questions as soon as possible. For the fastest possible reply we ask you to use the support request form.


Maintenance and support contract


Our products are delivered with an All-in Service contract for one year. After this year the customer has the possibility to extend the service contracts to make sure that the product is properly maintained and in case of necessary repairs, service is quickly provided and parts are replaced or repaired as soon as possible. More information can be found in the section Service Contracts

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