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Frequently asked questions


1. How much space is required for LABORAS?


2. Can LABORAS be used with different cages?


3. Why is LABORAS a more suitable technology for behavior recognition than Video based systems?


4. Are there special requirements for the tables and the environment?


5. Which animal weight ranges are supported by LABORAS?


6. Is it possible to change the LABORAS configuration later on?




1. What is important in selecting Ultrasound Vocalization recording systems?


2. Is it necessary to put the system in sound proof chambers?


3. Is it possible to record ultrasounds in a very big arena?




1. How many animals can I record at a time?


2. How large is the size of data files?


3. What kind of species can be studied with SleepSign?


4. Can I apply SleepSign to human sleep analysis?


5. Can SleepSign import digital data generated from my current recording system?


6. Is epoch time configurable?


7. How accurate is the auto-scoring of SleepSign?

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