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Neuroscience (CNS)


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Symptoms/ Indication

Animal model behaviours include:

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Psychiatric Disorders Anxiety Locomotory & Exploratory behavior, Ultrasound Vocalizations, Physiology LABORAS: Tracking, Advanced behaviour detection, Integration Telemetry, Light-Dark cage

SONOTRACK: USV - Automated Call Classification

  Depression Immobility, Locomotory activity, absence of presence specific Ultrasound Vocalizations

LABORAS: Tracking, Basic or Advanced normal behaviour detection

SONOTRACK: USV - Auomated Call Classification

  Schizophrenia Exploratory behaviour, Grooming

LABORAS: Tracking, Advanced behaviour detection

  Autism Ultrasound Vocalizations, Scratching, Grooming, Exploratory behavior

LABORAS: Tracking , Advanced and Special Scratching behaviour detection, Sociability Cage 

SONOTRACK:  Abnormal USV: Auomated Call Classification

  Fear Locomotory & Exploratory behavior, Physiology, Ultrasound Vocalizations LABORAS: Tracking , Advanced behaviour detection, Integration Telemetry, Light-Dark cage

SONOTRACK: USV Distress calls

  Stress Locomotory & Exploratory behavior LABORAS: Tracking , Advanced behaviour detection
  Addiction (cocaine, sugar) Locomotory & Exploratory behaviour, Chewing, Ultrasonic Vocalizations

LABORAS: Tracking , Basic & Special Chewing behavior detection

SONOTRACK: USV "Happy" Calls or Thrills

  Sleep disorder Immobility, Sleep behavior LABORAS: Tracking , Basic behavior detection,


Migraine/ Headache Neuropathic pain* Ultrasound Vocalizations SONOTRACK: USV Pain / Distress calls
Alzheimer Disease (AD) Memory & Coordination problems, Speaking impairements *

Non cognitive: Exploratory behavior Social Interaction, Ultrasonic Vocalizations

LABORAS: Tracking, Advanced & special behaviour detection

SONOTRACK: Changes in USV - Automated Call Classificastion

Parkinson’s Disease (PD)

Coordination & Locomotory problems, Tremors

Rearing/ Impaired forelimb ext.*
Locomotory behavior
LABORAS: Tracking, Basic & special circling behavior detection
Huntington’s Disease (HD) Physical, Cognitive and Psychopathological


Locomotory, Tremors, Seizures

LABORAS: Tracking, Advanced & Special Circling & Seizure behavior detection
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Coordination & Locomotory problems, Tremors, Pain Recovery, Locomotory, Exploratory behaviors LABORAS: Tracking, Advanced behavior detection
Stroke, Epilepsy Locomotory problems, Convulsions, Seizures Locomotion, Convulsions, Seizures, Physiology LABORAS: Tracking, Basic & special seizure behaviours, Integration Telemetry
Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) Extreme movements Hyperactivity, Physiology LABORAS: Tracking, Advanced, behavior & integration telemetry
Cofin Lowry Syndrome Mental retardation Locomotory, Exploratory behavior, Circling, Anxiety, Sensorimotor coordination

LABORAS: Tracking, Advanced & special behaviour detection



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