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Sonotrack Call Classification

Product information sheet


In 2017 Metris introduced and released an extension of its Sonotrack software which enables fully automated classification of Ultrasonic Vocalizations (USV) of mice.

The Sonotrack Call Classification software is the first commercial software to perform automated classification of calls in 15 distinct categories and to calculate detailed bioacoustic parameters of the Call (USV) and the components (syllables) of the call.

The software is easy to use and includes an editor to correct automatic results and functionality to work with user defined settings of the various call categories.

The output files are available in common formats such as CSV (Comma Separated Value) and formatted Excel files with tables and graphs.



Advantages of Call Classification for your research

Tradtionally, the use of Ultrasonic Vocalizations (USV) in research has been severely limited by: 

  • Lack of standardized definitions of Vocalizations types or classes for each species
  • Limitations of USV recording systems to make long recordings that can be syncronized with other measurement systems to analyze for example behavioral or physiological parameters
  • Manual Cleanup of recorded data resulting in inconsistent bio-acoustic readouts
  • Manual Call Classification leading to high observer deviations
  • Complex software settings and data presentation limitations
Useful application of ultrasonic vocalizations (USV) in pharmaceutical research and high-throughput applications requires a standardized and consistent approach which can handle much bigger datasets than currently discussed in the majority of the research papers and publications.
The Sonotrack Call Classification software for mice is designed keeping in mind the above mentioned limitations of current USV research. The Sonotrack Call Classification software offers the following unique features:
  • Reads both high quality Sonotrack recordings as well as Wav. files from third party systems
  • Automatically removes white noise and provides an adjustable bandpass filter to clean up the data
  • Enables Automated Call Classification using the built-in standard definitions or user specific definitions
  • Provides batch processing of multiple recordings that can be easily selected by the user
  • Allows easy control and editing of the automatic classification results
  • Stores Spectrogram of each call as jpeg or png picture
  • Stores audible wav file of each call (audible in human hearing range)
  • Results are presented in two formats: a detailed result file and a summary result file
  • Results are available in both Comma-Separated-Value (CSV) files as well as directly in Excel. In Excel the results are presented in Tables and Graphs.
  • In addition to the Results per recording, the software allows you also to do Group Analysis, by providing a result summary including graphs in Excel which provide the results per treatment group.

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