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Sound Isolation and Experimental Control


SmartChamber provides a sound isolated, ventilated and light controlled environment to perform high performance ultrasonic vocalization experiments. The chamber can be provided with a built-in Sonotrack ultrasonic microphone and has an interior which effectively removes sound echo's, external noise and sounds and magnetic fields. SmartChamber can be seamlessly integrated with our product Sonotrack

SmartChamber can also be used to improve the results of other types of experiments such as Telemetry (physiology) experiments, behavioral experiments in which unwanted stimuli from the laboratory environment or unwanted influence from one to the other experimental cage (cross talk between animals) need to be minimized.

In contrast to other Sound Attenuation Chambers, Smartchamber is completely controlled by an e-tablet and is equipped with an internal camera to follow the experiment without interfering with the experiment itself. Ventilation is provided by a an ultra low noise ventilator that is mounted outside the measurement cabin.



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