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SleepSign for Animal was developed by Kissei Comtec in Japan and was designed to assist researchers with basic sleep research in laboratory animals. Since its introduction in the market, SleepSign for Animal has been selected as the preferred software for Sleep Analysis studies by an increasing number of researchers all over the world.

Manual and Automatic scoring of Sleep stages

Sleepsign Software

Integration with video recordings

SleepSign for Animal drastically reduces the time and labor that you spend on stage scoring featuring its Auto-Scoring function and many other useful functions to assist your manual sleep scoring. In addition, SleepSign for Animal enables you to generate various types of standard reports which are required in basic sleep research, with just a few key strokes. These report functions allow you to grasp both sleep quality and sleep quantity very easily.

Metris b.v. distributes SleepSign for Animal in West and Eastern Europe. Customers outside this area can contact Kissei Comtec directly. For more information please refer to their website www.sleepsign.com

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icon_pdf.gif  Product Presentation SleepSign

icon_pdf.gif  FFT based Sleepstage scoring algorithms



icon_pdf.gif  SleepSign Version 3.0 (May 12, 2009)

icon_pdf.gif  SleepSign Flyer (2009)



Catecholamine neurones in rats modulate sleep, breathing, central chemoreception and breathing variability (2007, Aihua Li)


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