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Laboras 2

Product information sheet


In August 2006, Metris released the new version 2 of its flagship product LABORAS.
The new LABORAS software introduces several new functions and product improvements that were based on the feedback of the fastly growing group of LABORAS users. LABORAS 2 will be the new standard for all new developments that are on our agenda and will largely increase the possibilities to use LABORAS in your research. A special GLP version of LABORAS 2 will be available in September and will be fully compliant with the requirements described in CFR21/Part11.


What's new?

LABORAS 2 has many new functions and improvements. A few important improvements are highlighted below:
  • Faster behaviour processing: On average the processing time of sensor signals into behaviours is now decreased by 35%.
  • Print functionality: It is now possible to print every screen and graph that is displayed in LABORAS. This means that high quality position plots and bar charts can easily be integrated in your research reports, posters or presentations
  • Special behaviour detections modules running under the same license: With the old LABORAS version it was only possible to have 1 special behaviour recognition module in the same license. As a result the customer had to reinstall LABORAS (and enter another special license key) to use multiple special modules. In the new version all modules are running under the same license key (see picture on the right).



  • Position Track during data acquisition: From now on it is possible to show the position track of the animal real time during data acquisition. The screen can be switched between “sensor signal display” or “position track display”.
  • Night mode: Several customers mentioned that the light from the monitor during data acquisition could effect the animals during the “lights-off phase” of long experiments. LABORAS will now turn to night mode during the “light-off phase” by using dark colours that emit a limited amount of light from the monitor (see picture on the left).
  • Individual start of Platforms (optional): For short experiments, where several animals have to be treated before the measurement, it is very valuable if the data collection for each animal can start at different times. The problem with the old software was that all the animals had to be put in the cages at the same moment, even if they were not treated at the same time.
  • Circling/turning behaviour (optional): In many animal models that are amongst others related to Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, turning and circling behaviour plays an pivotal role. The new LABORAS software has an optional module that will keep track of all circles made by the animals, providing the number of clockwise and counter clockwise circles, the average size of the circles, the time spend in the circles, etc (see picture).



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