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bullet2.gif "Metris participates in scientific project BriteN" (11 April 2016)

    "Food is important for a healthy development of body and brain. But how do we get an insight into what nutrition is good for us?"


    Together with researchers from the Donders Institute (Radboud University), UMC Nijmegen, TNO, Mead Johnson Nutrition and the companies Artinis and Green Dino we will work on developing a platform to test the effects of food interventions on the brain development. This project aims to reduce the risk of obesity in children and lower the chance on developing a metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is associated with the increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Test environments will be created to measure cognitive development in both laboratory animals as well as children to investigate the mechanisms of developing obsity.


    Metris will develop an interactive test environment for rats using the latest touchscreen technology. The touchscreen will be combined with Metris' proven LABORAS technology. For BriteN LABORAS will be expanded with new functionality to support the animal models which are required for the cognitive testing and obsity research.

    The BriteN project is subsidised by EFRO.

    For more information (in Dutch)


bullet2.gif "NEW: Compact 1-channel SONOTRACK system" (2 January 2016)

    Sonotrack 1-channel setup
    Sonotrack Carrying Case

    Metris has introduced a new compact version of the SONOTRACK system. The system has one recording channel and an integrated data acquisition board and interfaces through USB with a PC or Laptop. The new hardware has also the possibility to interface with the Sonotrack playback system which enables playback of ultrasonic sound and vocalizations.

    The new system is based on the same technology as the larger 4-channel systems and provides therefore premium functionality for a very competitive price.

    The Sonotrack systems can be delivered together with a foam lined carrying case (see photo) which is dust and water tight.

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