bullet2.gif "Metris signs agreement with Kaoskey Pty Ltd. for distribution of EEG analysis software Assyst (9 June 2020)


As of June 2020, Metris will be responsible for the international distribution of Koaskey's Assyst software for the USA, Europe and the CIS countries.

Assyst V3.0 is an innovative software package for analysing EEG signals. The interactive software automates the process of identification of seizures and/or other epileptiform events in rodent EEG recordings.

The ASSYST software was launched at the Society for Neurosciences (SfN) meeting in San Diego in November 2018. Since then, Kyoskey has continued to further develop the product by adding new features and functionality, with version 3.0 being released in May 2020.

More information can be found on the Kaoskey website


Assyst Software



bullet2.gif "Metris launches new version of the Sonotrack Call Classification software" (25 February 2020)



Metris launches the latest version (v1.4.1) of its innovative automated Call Classification software for mice. The new version provides unparalled functionalty and performance for detailed automated classification of ultrasonic vocalizations (USV) in mice.
It's commonly known that analyzing USV recordings is a very time-consuming and specialistic task. 

The reality is that longer USV recordings and experiments involving a larger number of animals can't be realistically analyzed by manually going through spectrograms of USV recordings.


This is besides the problem that providing consistent and objective classification results in this way is very difficult and cumbersome.
Automated Call Classification therefore creates the possibility to analyze larger experiments and provide much more detail about the USV recording than ever before, enabling the use of USV in behavioral characterization to its full extend. The new version 1.4.1 of our Sonotrack Call Classification software has a number of very powerful functions: 

  • Classification of mouse calls in 15 different categories of USV.
  • Ability to process both Sonotrack and .WAV files (from 3rd party USV recording systems).
  • Calculation of a large number of bio-acoustic paramaters per USV and for each spectral element (syllabus) of the USV.
  • Powerful editing functionality to make changes to the automated Classification results.
  • Functionality to explore and browse through the USV recording. Including the possibility to playback calls as normal audio.
  • Storage of .wav file and picture of the spectrogram of each  USV (for example for use in presentations or publications).
  • Built-in default settings to do te USV classification, as well as the possibility to generate your own settings file.
  • Two type of Result report (detailed report and Summary report).
  • Reporting in CSV and Excel files. The Excel files contain formatted tables and graphs to make access to te results extremely user friendly.
  • Improved advanced filter methods to remove background noise in recording and to remove sounds that do not match the characteristics of real USV's.
  • Possibility to do batch processing of multiple recordings.
  • Group analysis allowing quick comparison between dfferent groups of animals. Reporting in CSV and Excel files (including graphs).
In the video link below, you can see a brief introduction of our software and its capabilities:

icon_movie.jpg Promotion Video Automated Call Classification


bullet2.gif "NEW: Compact 1-channel, 2-channel and 4-channel SONOTRACK USV recording systems" (2 January 2020)


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