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Laboras System

LABORAS is a high throughput system for automated recognition of a large number of rat and mouse behaviors. LABORAS is completey non-invasive, uses a home cage environment and automatically determines accurate and consistent behavioral data without the need of human observers. In addition LABORAS calculates precise position tracking parameters. 


The innovative LABORAS technology is based on measuring the forces induced by the animal's movement and uses advanced pattern recognition technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to convert these forces in behaviors and tracking information.

The force measurement really measures the intensity and details of a movement and doesn't require light which is an important benefit with respect to the nocturnality of mice and rats. These system characteristics enable much more accurate recording and analysis of laboratory animal behavior than possible with video technology.


LABORAS determines the following validated behaviors and tracking information of mice and rats (please click on the movie icon behind the beaviors to see examples of the LABORAS functionality):


Normal behaviors

Rats and Mice

Group 1 (basic)
  • Climbing (mice only)
  • Locomotion 
  • Immobility
  • Rearing
Group 2 (advanced)
  • Grooming
  • Drinking
  • Eating

Special Behaviors

  • Hindlimb licking (Formalin test) open pdf
  • Scratching play-video open pdf
  • Wet Dog Shakes (WDS) play-videoopen pdf
  • Head shakes / twitches  play-videoopen pdf
  • Purposeless chewing open pdf
  • Scratching play-videoopen pdf
  • Seizures: Barrel rolls &
    Tonic Clonic
  • Seizures: Racine scale
    P4 & P5 open pdf
  • Freezing play-video
  • Startle response play-video

Tracking information

Rats and Mice

Position tracking info
  • Position (X,Y)
  • Speed
  • Avg. speed
  • Max. speed
  • Time of max. speed 
  • Traveled distance
  • Position distribution
Circling info play-video  play-video open pdf
  • Nr. of circles (CW and CCW)
  • Avg. time in circle
  • Avg. speed in circle
  • Avg. circle perimeter

Special Cages

Rats and Mice

Light Dark Cage
  • Nr. of entries in Dark part
  • Nr. of entries in Light part
  • Time spent in Dark part
  • Time spent in Light part
  • Legacy time (to Dark part)
Open Field (simulated)

Special Cages


Sociability Cage (3-Chamber Cage) play-videoplay-video

  • Nr. of entries in Left part
  • Nr. of entries in Left Social Zone
  • Nr. of entries in Right part
  • Nr. of entries in Right Social Zone
  • Nr. of entries in Center part
  • Time spent in Left part
  • Time spent in Left Social Zone
  • Time spent in Rigt part
  • Time spent in Right Social Zone
  • Time spent in Center part

Special parameters

Rats and Mice

Energy parameters 
  • Estimated Energy 
    expenditure of animal
    (all movements)


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LABORAS: Comparison with the competition

LABORAS expensive? Examples how to earn money with LABORAS



icon_pdf.gif Laboras Flyer



icon_pdf.gif Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Pathogenesis of Arthritis Pain Using Animals Models (2020, Hong, e.a)


icon_pdf.gif Sex-Related Differences in Locomotion and Climbing of C57Bl/6NTac Mice in a Novel Environment (2019, Borbélyová, e.a)


icon_pdf.gif Hematopoietic Origin of Pathological Grooming in Hoxb8 Mutant Mice (2010, Capecchi, e.a)


icon_pdf.gif Increased thirst and drinking in Huntington's disease and the R6/2 mouse (2008, Wood, e.a)


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Product videos

Download the LABORAS promotion video

See the Laboras performance yourself.
(LABORAS detection and Video Integrated)

Example 1: Head Twitch detection in rats

Example 2: Wet Dog Shakes detection in rats

Example 3: Normal behavior detection in rats

Example 4: Circling behavior detection in rats

Example 5: Circling behavior detection in mice

Example 6: Scratching behavior detection in mice

Example 7: Scratching behavior detection in rats

Example 8: Freezing and Startle detection in mice

Example 9: Sociability Cage in mice

If you have a problem to play the videos, please download the xvid codec.