Privacy statement

Management and processing of company and personal details: general

Company details are details that relate to a known company. Personal details are all details that relate to a known person. These include not only name and address details, but also, for instance, marketing and sales details. We use such details in the various agreements which we enter into with you as a customer. If you are a customer, we save these details in order to send our products to you and to ensure that the transport agreement concluded with you is being executed and for the financial settlement, but also to send you a duplicate if necessary. In addition, some details are saved that you send to us using our website, For example, when you request product information or a quotations.



We also keep our customers and business contacts informed by e-mail using our digital newsletter Metris Vibes. You can subscribe or unsubscribe yourself or your company by selecting Metris Vibes in the NEWS Menu.



Obviously, the requirements laid down in the "Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens", the Dutch act enforcing the protection of personal details, also apply to any information that you provide to us over the internet. Please find below an explanation that is specifically directed at internet usage.

a. Clicking

Our website tracks general visit details such as frequently requested pages. The purpose of this is to optimise your experience of the website. In addition, these details can be used to provide our customers with more specific information and offers. In this way, we can further improve our services to you. Please note: these are not personal details, but general details that are recorded. Your personal details are never saved over the internet without you first giving your explicit prior permission when, for example, requesting information or quotations.

b. Cookies

We use temporary cookies when offering our services over the internet. A cookie is a simple small file with information that is saved on your computer's hard disk. However, these cookies do not contain personal details and are only employed to make it easier for you to use the Metris site. In addition, with your permission, a special cookie can be used. Our website uses this cookie to recognise when you revisit our site so that the site can be tailored to your specific needs. It is just an aid to make your use of the site all the more pleasurable. If you have deactivated the use of cookies in your browser, you can still visit most sections of our website.

c. Technical security

To provide your personal details with optimum security against unauthorised access or unauthorised use, the most up-to-date security technology is used within Metris. We will always use the technology within the guidelines of our privacy policy. It will never conflict with the requirements of the "Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens", the Dutch act enforcing the protection of personal details.

d. Third-party privacy policy

On our website you will find a number of links to other non-Metris websites. We cannot be held accountable for the way other parties handle your personal details. For this reason, we recommend that you always enquire about the privacy policy of these parties or contact them for a further explanation of their policy concerning the use of personal details.



If you have any specific questions regarding this information or remarks about our privacy policy, please direct them to: webmaster@metris.nl or contact us at +31 23 5623400.



Where necessary, Metris retains the right to make changes to its privacy statement. However, this policy will never conflict with the requirements of the "Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens", the Dutch act enforcing the protection of personal details.


Metris b.v., January 1, 2020.


N.B. No rights can be derived from the information above.