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bullet2.gif "Metris participates in scientific project BriteN" (11 April 2016)




bullet2.gif "Metris launches the SmartChamber" (16 March 2013)

bullet2.gif "1st Announcement, Symposium on PTSD and other stress-related neuropsychiatric disorders in Armenia (21 Feb. 2013)





bullet2.gif "Inside View feature about Laboras in Nature Magazine" (July 7, 2011)


bullet2.gif "Metris selected for TNO SBIR Feasibility Study" (June 24, 2011)




bullet2.gif Remarkable and high quality grooming detection capability of LABORAS cited in a scientific paper by Dr. Capecchi and colleagues (University of Utah) published in Cell (May 28, 2010)


bullet2.gif "New developments Laboras" (April 5, 2010)




bullet2.gif "Metris and Porsolt join forces to promote preclinical screening using LABORAS technology " (November 5, 2009)


bullet2.gif "Metris launches the Sociality Cage for LABORAS" (January 20, 2009)




bullet2.gif "Metris to present its products on 3rd Russian Toxicology conference" (November 1, 2008)

bullet2.gif "Metris starts development of Ultrasound playback functionality in SonoTrack" (February 1, 2008)
bullet2.gif "Distributor for China and Hong Kong" (January 28, 2008)



bullet2.gif "Metris succesful in Russia" (September 13, 2007)


bullet2.gif "Research cooperation between Metris and Université de Sherbrooke" (July 1, 2007)


bullet2.gif "Metris develops tool that integrates LABORAS data and video data" (June 27, 2007)
bullet2.gif "Changes in Metris distibrution channels" (January 2007)



bullet2.gif "Metris releases LABORAS 2.0" (September 1, 2006)
bullet2.gif "Metris Moscow trip 2006" (June 2006)
bullet2.gif "Second edition of Metris "Vibes" released" (April 2006)
bullet2.gif "Metris Asia tour 2006" (April 2006)



bullet2.gif "Metris introduces it's newsletter Vibes" (March 2005)



bullet2.gif Dvojica becomes exclusive distributor of LABORAS for Slovenia and Croatia" (Februari 2004)



bullet2.gif "Metris introduces new Ultrasound Analysis system (SONOTRACK)" (November 2003)
bullet2.gif "University of Utah, Institute of Human Genetics" first LABORAS customer in the USA (November 2003)
bullet2.gif Integration of LABORAS and Datasciences Telemetry near completion (August 20, 2003)
bullet2.gif GSK orders another three systems to be used in the Frythe, UK and one system to be used in Verona, Italy (June 30 / July 17, 2003)
bullet2.gif Gedeon Richter becomes first LABORAS customer in Eastern Europe (June 27, 2003)
bullet2.gif Swedish Karolinska Institute chooses LABORAS (May 12, 2003)
bullet2.gif University of Utrecht (NL) orders latest version of LABORAS (March 1, 2003)
bullet2.gif Paradigm Therapeutics (UK) chooses for LABORAS (February 20, 2003)
bullet2.gif GlaxoSmithkline orders 2 additional LABORAS systems (January 2, 2003)



bullet2.gif Metris and DSI investigating integration of Telemetry and LABORAS (August 20, 2002)
bullet2.gif KuoYang Scientific exclusive distributor in Taiwan (August 14, 2002)
bullet2.gif AstraZeneca orders LABORAS system for mice and rats (June 27, 2002)



bullet2.gif Plexx becomes exclusive distributor of LABORAS for Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and Austria (Oct 31, 2001)
bullet2.gif SmithKline launching customer of "LABORAS for Windows" (March. 28, 2001)



bullet2.gif Primetech Corp. becomes exclusive distributor of LABORAS for Japanese market (Feb. 21, 2000)
bullet2.gif Metris exhibitor at the symposium "Behavioural Phenotyping of Mouse Mutants" (Febr. 1, 2000)



bullet2.gif Metris at Neuroscience Conference in Miami (September 16, 1999)
bullet2.gif SmithKline Beecham becomes first international customer of LABORAS (July 14, 1999)
bullet2.gif Strategic partnership with Scilite Communications (May 16, 1999)